Manual patching of EverQuest II

(Update, as pointed out in a comment below, since the new launcher, this method no longer works)

I don’t play EverQuest II anymore, but figured maybe someone else might find this useful as well.

Sometimes when using the patcher the download might get stuck on a certain file and in those cases it might be useful to manually download the file, either with your browser or with a download accellerator (such as Free Download Manager).

To download a file manually outside of the EverQuest II patcher you need the full URL of the file.

This is quite easy to find inside the update XML file kept on the SoE patch server. The patcher downloads this file each time you run it to check for updates, and you can do the same with your browser:

The file is compressed, on Windows you can use 7-Zip or WinRAR to open it. If you have a Linux box nearby, just use gzip.

You can open the XML file in any text editor to view its contents to locate the specific file you are interested in. Then follow the directory tree up to the top to find out what the full URL would be.

If you have a Linux system, you can also pass the XML file through xmllint to make it prettier:

xmllint --format eq2-update.xml > formatted.xml

If you open this XML in Internet Explorer you will get a nice tree view of the XML

Here is an example.

Say I want to download the file “Char_monsters.vpk”

I do a search in the file and find:

<File LocalName="Char_monsters.vpk" Compressed="false"
      TimeStamp="2009: 1:23:11:53:42" Name="Char_monsters.vpk"
      TotalSize="47130857" DownloadSize="47130857" CRC="1978781209 ">

I now go up the XML structure and find that this File tag was inside a Directory tag:

<Directory Name="paks">

So I know the file ends with paks/Char_monsters.vpk

If you go up further in the XML you find that this Directory tag is inside another Directory tag:

<Directory LocalPath="::HomeDirectory::" Name="."

And that tells me where the file is on the server. The full path is now:


Go up even further in the XML (now we are at the top) we find:

<Product Name="EverQuest 2" Server=""
          Port="7010" AccessPath="patch/eq2/en/patch0"
          GzPath="/m2/http-docs/patch/stage/eq2/en" Version="568">

This tells us the server details, which we can now use to build the full URL:

This URL you can open in your browser to download the file manually.

Also note that some files are compressed on the server. If you find a file that ends in a .gz extension you need to use one of the compression utilities above to decompress it first before placing it in your EverQuest II directory.

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  1. I believe this no longer works after the more recent updates. The file is dated November 28, 2011 after downloading, which I think is the day when the new launcher appeared in the scene.

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